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From LincoIn Anthony
Helen C.
Dear friend,

Hey, my name is LincoIn Anthony, and I’m here today because I want to give you something that I call “Break Your Frame”.

This is my framework and my course for how to create entrepreneurs that wins.
But before I give you access to the break your frame, I want to tell you the backstory about how it was created…
This is NOT something that I just made up one day, and hoped that it would work, I spent OVER 15 years testing and perfecting this framework for you!
This is what happened…
15 years ago, I got invited to my first ever “Leadership Training” seminar, and I assumed that it would be a place where we came, opened up our laptops, and start geeking out with other internet nerds about LEADERSHIP and PUBLIC SPEAKING…
But what happened next, completely confused me.

I saw the first speaker take the stage, and

I watched in ‘awe’ as he delivered a presentation, sold his product, and created a table rush of people running to give him money!

At the end of his presentation, I still remember what happened…

He asked the audience if he could make a special offer.

I was as excited as everyone else to see what this offer might be. 

After everyone agreed, he made a special offer for his $2,000 course. 
And what happened next changed my life.

I remember watching people not just walking,

...but SPRINTING to the back of the room to snatch up his product!

I sat there in my seat in amazement, watching and counting each person that shot past me to the back of the room…

I started tallying up in my head how much money the speaker was earning… 


And so on, until the back-of-the-room rush had finally stopped.

96 people had signed up from his ONE 90-minute presentation!

Once the break ended, the next speaker got up, did his presentation, and then sold a $5,000 package…

I watched it happen all over again… but this speaker sold over 100 people into his program!
After 3 days of watching this happen over and over, I knew I HAD to learn this skill.

I didn’t really want to be a stage presenter…

But I knew that if someone who was JUST LIKE ME, could step on stage and in an HOUR make more money then I had made in a year…

...then I NEEDED to learn that skill,


Maybe I wasn’t going to earn $100,000 per hour like the speakers that I watched, (or so I thought at the time)…

But what if this one skill could help make an extra $100,000 per year?

Or $100,000 per month?
Or $100,000 per week?

What would it be worth to learn THAT skill…?

There was just one problem…

I was (and still am) a SUPER shy introvert who is SCARED of speaking to people…

Yet, within a few weeks of attending that event,

I was invited to speak at my first event...

I was nervous… but I was pretty sure that I could model what I had seen a the event I saw earlier… and so I responded with an excited… YES!

Without doing any formal training beforehand, I assumed that it couldn’t be THAT hard… right?

Besides, I felt like I had WAY better content then the other speakers I heard a few weeks earlier… and if I could WOW the audience with how much I knew…

Then they’d be sure to buy my product… right?

So I put together my BEST material…

I called my shot… AKA, trying to figure out how much $$$ I was going to make from my first presentation!

And then awkwardly stepped out on stage.

I couldn’t wait to find out!

And then it happened…

My Worst Nightmare Came True…

I stood on stage…

Delivered my BEST stuff…

I made my offer…

And then, in what was one of the most embarrassing moments of my entrepreneurial career

happened on stage for everyone to see…

And then, in what was one of the most embarrassing moments of my entrepreneurial career happened on stage for everyone to see…

NOBODY moved.
NOBODY said anything.
NOBODY got up from their chair, and raced to the back of the room to buy the product I was selling.

I just stood there, on stage… then awkwardly walking off stage… and then I ran to my hotel room and to hide. 

I Just Wanted To Hide

I didn’t get it…why would they buy from all the other speakers, but not me?

I went over and over it again in my mind…

“Did I miss something in my presentation?”
“Was my offer really that horrible?”
“Did I just completely miss the mark on my audience?”
“Maybe I’m not cut out to do this “speaking thing”…” Or
“Maybe I lose my energy level in front of people”…”

I thought did everything that the other speakers did.

What went wrong?

I literally hid out in my hotel room for the next 3 days (eating pints of haagen dazs ice cream and coconut shrimp while watching movies) because I didn’t want to see any of the other speakers or the other attendees…

“Well, that’s that”, I thought…

I gave it a try, and had a HORRIBLE experience… ...and I NEVER wanted to speak again!

And I didn’t for a while…

But I did start going to events, and I keep observing as other speakers continued to make more per hour than I was making per year.
Eventually that belief that:

IF I COULD LEARN THIS ONE SKILL, that my life would change forever…

That thought kept ringing in my ears… I finally came to my senses, and eventually decided to give it another shot.

I tried a second time…
And a third…
And a fourth…
I kept speaking over and over, getting a little bit better each time.
Different speakers pulled me aside after my framework presentations, and started helping me…
Each one had a “missing piece in my framework” that they were using to sell the room, that I wasn’t.
I also watched hundreds of other speakers, and started to model what they were doing
Every time, I’d add in the new things in my framework I was learning…
I tried a sixth time…
And a seventh…
…until I slowly started to master the skill, and I starting making really good money!

I Started Transforming Future Entrepreneures, Coaches, Students, Professionals, and More!

Every time for different people, I would have to create a new framework. 
After rebuilding my framework presentations dozens times, I started to create a framework that took EVERYTHING I had learned from the top stage leadership, speakers, and elevation coaches in the world, as well as what I discovered from my own experiences…
And created the first draft of my stage transformation framework. It looked a little like this: 
Each time I would get on stage, I would pull out this framework, plug in with people, and then stop on stage and sell it flawlessly!
Over the next few years…

I Went Training From 0 People...

To Becoming The #1 High Paid Speaker...

(And Setting A Record For MORE THAN 15+ Years Experiance... EVER!)

But then something changed for me…

After Mastering the Stage, I Decided To Retire...

I spent many years of my career on the road…

And I got GREAT at it!

But I had young children at the time…

And I didn’t wanted to be in a different city each week.

I hated being away…

hated that I missed my family.

hated that my wife was doing all the work and raising our kids by herself for days and weeks on end sometimes when I was away.

hated that I was missing out on spending time with my family.

So, I knew something had to be done, because I wanted to spend more time with my family.

So Late One Night, While Traveling Home From A Speech, I Texted My Wife And Told Her:

“I just don’t want to do this anymore...”

I’m Going To QUIT.

I knew that when I quit, my income was going to dry up quickly…

So I turned to a framework or a system at the time (Training) to try to replace my income. 

It was similar to stage framework, but there were a few tweaks that I had to make to my framework presentation to make it perfect for transforming entrepreneurs online. 

Over The Next 5 Years I Did Over 140+ LIVE Trainings, And During That Time, PERFECTED What I Now Call:

"Break Your Frame"

Every time I had a different people, I would just plug it into this framework.

Every time I met entrepreneurs who wanted to win, I would give them the framework, show them how to make transformation to win…

And I’d watch as their entrepreneurship journey would explode!

"If You Can Copy And Do Exact Things, Then You Too Can Have A Breakthrough In Your Life!"

If you are an entrepreneur, coach, student or professional that you KNOW you would like to breakthrough, this program is PERFECT for you! 
In the past I only taught people the “Break Your Frame” frameworks at my expensive $5k weekend bootcamps… but today I wanted to make you a VERY SPECIAL OFFER and give you the entire program AND trainings show you HOW to customize it for YOURSELF…

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For many of you, you won’t be speaking on the stage.

(And that’s totally cool…)
There’s a TON of other places I use the same skill that works as well…
This program I’m going to teach you works in any business…
It’s the same process I’ve used to grow other’s companies.
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Okay. Now What Else Could You Buy For Thirty Seven Bucks?

Okay. You could probably get a big Mac and a happy meal at McDonald’s

You’d probably get some caffeine at Starbucks with some whipped cream on top of it. 


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This isn’t one of them.
There’s NO hidden “continuity or membership program” – and in case you’re wondering why I’m doing this…
Well, there are actually a few reasons…

Time Is Of The Essence...

This Is A LIMITED OFFER At This Price.

This can go up in price at any time, especially if we decide to sell this as a full course (which is what I’ve done with other digital books in the past).
Because of what you’re getting, we’re expecting a flood of orders.
Just imagine using ONE framework  from this program that doubles or triples your revenue or anything on each framework you use!

All It Takes Is ONE FRAMEWORK To Set You FREE!

Here Is My "You've Gotta Be Crazy" Guarantee

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I’ll take all the risk on this.
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You Must Act Fast!

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Okay. With that said, I hope you enjoy the framework. I hope you use it.

I want you to give this into your hands because I know how this can transform your business and your life forever. 
Thanks again,

LincoIn Anthony

P.S. Did you just skip to the bottom of the page to see what the deal was? 😊
You get my Break Your Frame program and training (instant get), that is the SAME frameworks I use to transform all of my clients online!  I spent over 15 years perfecting this framework (hence the name “Break Your Frame), and you can use it to do anything!
I also show you step by step how to get started creating your wealth, happiness, love and relationships so you can start changing your life completely NOW. This isn’t just for businesses that are trying to turn the corner. There are plenty of secret strategies and ‘underground’ techniques as well for you. And it’s only $99. That’s it.
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YES LINCOIN! Give Me Instant Access To 'BREAK YOUR FRAME' RIGHT NOW For Just $99.00 !



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